About Us

Hi! Welcome to my bodybuilding blog!

I am William Lee, a professional fitness instructor based in Iberia, Missouri. I created this blog to share my knowledge and passion for bodybuilding, both with beginners and pros.

I began my bodybuilding career 12 years ago, after struggling with obesity (and the shame, ridicule, and self-consciousness that came with it) since I was a young boy. The journey was not easy. I tried a lot of stuff to lose weight, and at the beginning, it seemed nothing worked—until I discovered the powerful bodybuilding effects of legal steroids. At that time, I was already 7 years into working out in the gym. I combined taking legal steroids with a balanced diet and my usual workout routine. That was when I started to notice dramatic results. I knew outright that I was headed in the right direction, and I could not be happier and more thankful now.

Through this blog, I am educating people about the merits of using legal anabolic steroids and dispel the common misconceptions about them. Just because there is “steroids” attached to the name does not mean it is harmful and deceptive. Here, I write about the benefits and reasons for bodybuilders to take advantage of the power of legal steroids for gaining more muscle mass and improving their workouts in the gym. You can also find general bodybuilding topics here to further boost your muscle-building efforts.